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Wild Hedgehog Punk

Description: Funky, full-bloomed punk hedgehog. Strangely compelling free pattern. Site: Language: English

Adorable Pink Ballerina Rat

Description: This is indeed a rat gone ballerina, with lovely pink hair bow, shoes and dress. Cute amigurumi rat pattern. Site: Language: Spanish

Ziggy the Tiger

Description: Joyful looking tiger Ziggy. Cute free amigurumi pattern. Site: Language: English

Georgie the Giraffe

Description: George the somewhat gorgeous giraffe. Free crochet pattern from Red Heart. Site: Language: English

Procrastinating Fox Pattern

Description: More laziness from this dreamy fella. Cute sleeping fox amigurumi pattern. Site: Language: English

Tiger Crochet Pattern

Description: Not very predator looking. Sweet little tiger amigurumi pattern none the less. Site: Language: Spanish

Pretty Mouse Pattern

Description: Another cute rodent to crochet. Pretty mouse amigurumi pattern. Site: Language: English