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Baby Sheep Amigurumi

Description: Slightly lethargic and super fluffy. Sleeping baby sheep crochet pattern. Site: Language: English

Little Bigfoot Giraffe

Description: Crochet another one from the Little Bigfoot collection. Cute giraffe amigurumi pattern. Site: Language: English

Little Bigfoot Turtle

Description: Cute turtle pattern out of the Little Bigfoot collection from Amigurumi To Go Site: Language: English

Snuggles the Penguin

Description: Spheroid Snuggles the penguin with a giant scarf. Cute amigurumi penguin crochet pattern. Site: Language: English

Mister Fox Pattern

Description: Adorable Mister Fox amigurumi crochet pattern. Site: Language: English

Sheldon the Sheep Pattern

Description: Fluffy-factor critical. Sheldon the ultra furry sheep amigurumi pattern. Site: Language: English

Little Bigfoot Panda

Description: Panda pattern from amigurumitogo's Little Bigfoot collection Site: Language: English

Jip the Amigurumi Owl

Description: Jip the owl pattern. You have to go through a bit of a fuzz to download it, but it's worth it! Site: Language: English

Tiny Chubby Panda

Description: Almost spherical panda. Crochet this chubby thing for a round of ping pong. Site: Language: English