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Mario 1-Up Mushroom

Description: Keep one of these in your first aid kit. Amigurumi 1-Up mushroom pattern. Site: Language: English

Good ole’ Luigi

Description: Luigi from Super Mario sackboy pattern. Site: Language: English

Crochet Magma Cube & Slime

Description: If you'll ever need a magma cube or some slime, you can crochet your way out of it, with this Minecraft pattern. Site: Language: English

Olaf from Frozen Amigurumi

Description: From the super popular animated movie, it's Olaf the snowman. Cute Frozen amigurumi pattern. Site: Language: English

Another Peppa Pig Pattern

Description: It's Peppa Pig again, surprisingly enough in a red dress! Another crochet pattern of the cuddly piggy character. Site: Language: English

Minecraft Pig Pattern

Description: Make it out of bricks or just crochet it. Cute amigurumi Minecraft pig pattern. Site: Language: English

Super Mario Pattern

Description: Get nostalgic with this amigurumi pattern from Nintendo's ever so popular Super Mario games. Site: Language: English

Elsa Doll from Frozen

Description: Adorable Elsa toddler doll. Frozen amigurumi pattern from Disney's popular animated movie. Site: Language: English

Lil’ Brother George Pig

Description: Little brother George pig. Cute Peppa Pig amigurumi crochet pattern in .pdf format. Site: Language: English

R2D2 Star Wars Pattern

Description: Awesome Star Wars amigurumi pattern. Handy R2D2 that can also function as a lamp. Site: Language: English