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Mister Hedgehog

Description: Formal hedgehog who responds only to Mr. Hedgehog. Cute fuzzy rodent pattern. Site: Language: English

Little Guinea Pig

Description: Super easy crochet pattern to start out with. Tiny amigurumi guinea pig. Site: Language: English

Kenny from South Park

Description: The super resilient boy Kenny McCormick. Free South Park amigurumi pattern. Site: Language: Dutch

Easy Lollipop Ghost

Description: As simple as it gets. Ghost amigurumi to keep your lollipop cozy... Site: Language: English

Meep the Cuddly Robot

Description: Amigurumi robot pattern of Meep. From the unusual but creative amigurumi comic "Squirrel Picnic". Site: Language: English

Toadstool Amigurumi Pattern

Description: Try to resist eating these yummy looking toadstools. Slightly poisonous mushroom pattern. Site: Language: Danish

Kokeshi Doll Pattern

Description: Traditional colored Kokeshi with dual hair buns. Cute free doll pattern. Site: Language: English

Toopy the Rat

Description: Free Toopy the rat pattern. Part of a  3-pattern series, inspired by the Canadian tv-show "Toopy & Binoo". Site: Language: English

Gorjuss Amigurumi Doll

Description: Stylish Gorjuss amigurumi doll pattern with awesome zebra socks. Site: Language: English

Waouf the Doggie

Description: Waouf the strange little doggie, with the strange name. Free amigurumi dog pattern. Site: Language: French