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Baby Cactus Pattern

Description: If cactuses have babies this must be what they look like. Cute amigurumi cactus pattern. Site: Language: Spanish

Little Zoo Giraffe

Description: Not your ordinary zoo giraffe, this is Gendry. Free crochet giraffe pattern. Site: Language: English

Amigurumi Doll Girl

Description: Adorable little doll girl pattern with removable hat. Site: Language: Spanish

Drakosha the Dragon

Description: Frightening blue dragon with hair bow and evereything. Drakosha the dragon amigurumi pattern. Site: Language: Dutch

Yoshi from Super Mario

Description: Yoshi aka Yoshisaur Munchakoopas the dinosaur. Free Super Mario crochet pattern. Site: Language: English

X-mas Penguin Pattern

Description: Cute x-mas penguins with 3 different style headdresses. Site: Language: English

Really Tiny Elephant

Description: Super tiny baby elephant crochet pattern, in English and German .pdf format. Site: Language: English, German

Wild Hedgehog Punk

Description: Funky, full-bloomed punk hedgehog. Strangely compelling free pattern. Site: Language: English

Adorable Pink Ballerina Rat

Description: This is indeed a rat gone ballerina, with lovely pink hair bow, shoes and dress. Cute amigurumi rat pattern. Site: Language: Spanish

Tiny Tiny Dragon

Description: If you’re looking for a palm-sized, sugar-coated, lava spewing cutie. Crochet this tiny amigurumi dragon. Language: English

Tiny Rainbow Unicorn

Description: You can never have enough unicorns, here's one in a tiny format. Cute amigurumi unicorn pattern. Site: Language: English